October 8, 2020

The Bad Breath Of Marketing

I really love food with lots of garlic in it.

But I worry about having garlic breath, and melting everyone's face off…

Remember that scene in 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark' where all their faces melted off?

This is what I imagine my garlic breath is like…

Bad marketing is kind of like that too.

Bad marketing won't melt people's faces off…

But it will make them want to get away as quickly as possible.

Either way, it's not good for your brand.

So how do you avoid having marketing bad breath?

I thinks it's a combination of good story telling, content and offers

That stuff never hurts.

But good content isn't the easiest thing to conjure up…

Especially like, constantly, every week.

But my friend April has put together a HUGE content creation toolbox…


This will help you come up with all the right content for your subscribers…

  • Save time with done-for-you products, content & graphic images
  • Get more qualified leads
  • Consistently putting content out
  • Take the overwhelm out of product creation with ready to use content
  • Strengthen your knowledge of content creation & marketing with effective training
  • Offer value & build relationships with your readers  - quickly
  • Create your own branded product with done-for-you products

It's your simple solution to your content needs

This is a collaboration of top notch marketers who each contributed something special to create this unique offer:


Creating content you can be sure about is hard!

This will help you create the right content you can be sure your subscribers will want.

Just something to help you keep being awesome 🙂


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