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Here’s A Complete Funnel Set Up For The ‘Bass Lessons’ Niche:

  • Content/Blog Post Landing Page

Here’s a Blog Post Landing Page I send traffic from Facebook Ads. It has content that targets a specific type of bass player/student. This one works great to get new subscriber opt-ins from cold Facebook Ads traffic


  • Long Form Sales Letter

Here’s the current sales page control for my bass lesson niche site. This is the sales page I send visitors who just opted in. I’m working on the VSL, but this written version converts using video ad traffic from Youtube and Facebook.


  • Another Opt-In Page For The “Bass Lessons” Niche:

Squeeze Page


I look for opt-in pages to get at least a 40% conversion rate. If it’s not getting at least 40% sign ups, I start to tweak the copy or use a different design.

I like to split test at least two different versions to get an idea of what works best.


  • Opt-In Pages/Landing Pages

Here’s a a subscriber sign-up “squeeze page” where people opt-in to get a high value training for free.


  • Email Engagement Series

Here’s a week’s worth of content emails I send to visitors who opt-in the get my “Sales Funnel Set Up Accelerator” video training course. sfsua-email-engagement-series


  • Website Copy

Here’s an example of on-page website copy


  • Blog Post to Promote Funnel Set-Up Offer:

Here’s some short copy on why the reader needs a marketing sales funnel.


  • Video Sales Letter (VSL) & Funnel

Here’s a VSL Video Landing Page Targeting Electrical Contractors


  • Musician VSL Funnel

Here’s a VSL I did for my buddy, the author of the Bass Guitar For Dummies series, Patrick Pfeiffer’s Bass sign up page



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