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Wireless home automations

How to Add Automated Lighting, Window Shades and Much More Without Needing a Major Home Renovation Project...

Smart home automation is extremely popular with homeowners nowadays. It seems we just cannot resist the pull of voice-activated appliances and other electronically controlled home devices.

And while everybody wants home automation devices installed, the costs can be astronomical!

Homeowners can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on elaborate systems they manage using a central hub or smartphone.

Retrofitting Older Homes

For older homes it's usually even more expensive, since it all needs to be retro-fitted into the finished construction. That's usually really hard to do without tearing apart the walls and ceilings.


Having to retrofit the wiring into an older home is usually more expensive than installing it in new construction. Each new device needs to somehow get power from the main electrical panel. That can result in a lot of new wires needing to be run to each new device location.

Lengthy and Messy Process

It can be extremely time consuming to trace old circuits and run new wires through finished walls. A lot of times it's much faster and easier to cut apart the drywall and sheetrock on the walls and ceilings.

Homeowners can wind up needing a lot of drywall repair and painting done afterward. Depending on where they are located, just adding a couple new devices in an older home can become quite a major project.

Location Issues

Location almost always becomes a problem with retrofits. Some spaces might not even be accessible for where the owner wants to add an automated device.

If you can't physically get a wire to the location, then it needs to be supplied with power some other way.

The Easy, Inexpensive Solution!

Luckily for homeowners, there is now a way to add smart home automations without having to get into any extreme remodeling.

Wireless, Anyone?

Yes, the solution is wireless. Lutron makes a wireless automation system that does the job without the mess and for a very surprisingly low price in comparison.

The Pico remote control is the method for managing this wireless control system. It simplifies home automation almost to the point of making the automation automated.

Check them out here:

These Pico remote control devices communicate with the Lutron control board through radio frequencies. It is called Clear Connect Technology. This system can automate anything the owner wants automated.

Pico controllers are battery operated and the batteries last a long time. The lighting, window and audio systems can be set up to operate with a hand-held control, a wall mount, a table top or car visor. Picos are a super convenient, and amazing, low cost automation solution.

Multiple colors and finishes allow the owner to blend in the system with the existing color scheme of the house.

There is no need to cut into any existing walls or ceilings to fish new wires in…. Installing home automations and Pico controllers is a fast, easy and even enjoyable process.


Perhaps the most attractive feature of the Lutron wireless system is price. The owner can automate for a fraction of the cost of hard wired systems.


This type of home automation is scalable in the sense that the owner can automate as much or as little as necessary. The upfront expense of purchasing an entire system then paying for the install is now a thing of the past.

Homeowners on a budget can even do a single room at a time if they wish. A popular approach is to cover the essential security functions first; then, add as needed. See how to do this conveniently at this site:

More Location Choices

Normally, when a homeowner buys and installs an automated device, the installation is permanent. After that it's difficult and expensive to move the location of the device if the homeowners want it.

Pico wireless controls make it easy to move entire systems around. The owner can usually switch the control or the device to any new location they desire at any time without major effort.

There’s no more endless hours and aggravation spent having to fish and pull wires through the walls and ceilings to get it done.


If you are looking for a home automation solution that is flexible, inexpensive and easy to install, then Pico wireless controls are for you.

Whether you want to add several automated devices all at once, or scale it room by room, using Pico controls makes it easy and affordable to do.

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