Jon Brickley

Direct Response Copywriting

 Whether we end up working together or not...


I want to share with you THE SECRET to making your promotions more profitable.




Here it is in three short steps...

- Find out what makes your ideal prospect respond.

- Find out what prevents your ideal prospect from responding.

- Craft a sales message that overcomes objections with benefit-driven proof.

So simple!


Once I discovered these three steps I started writing more winners more often.


And here's where it gets really good...


What makes prospects respond is a BIG IDEA they can believe in.


Every prospect has less than a dozen basic objections.


And when you blow them out of the water the sale is as good as made.


But the devil's always in the details.


As easy as this sounds, you still need to know HOW to uncover the big idea prospects must believe to buy. You still need to know which objections to focus on.

Plus, how to expertly turn those objections into buying hot buttons.


That's why we should talk.


If you run a direct response business, or a local brick and mortar, I can create profit-pulling promotions.

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