Direct Response Copywriting & Funnel Conversion

Hi my name's Jon Brickley. I'm a Direct Response Copywriter who helps businesses boost sales funnel conversions, get more leads and make more sales.

My goal is to provide the greatest possible outcome for my clients.

Here's What You Can Expect...

I help my clients make more sales by gripping the attention of their prospects, getting them excited about the opportunity being offered, and motivating them to take action with a sense of urgency so strong they can't wait to buy.

Imagine having ads so well written that if anyone truly interested in what you offer starts reading the ad from the headline, beginning or middle of the copy, they would effortlessly move from one paragraph to the next as though they were on a greased slide and can't stop falling from one line to the next.

They forget they are reading an ad. They become so emotionally involved in what's being said they forget the world around them and before you know it, they have a burning desire to take action on my client's offer.

The Strategy Behind The Writing...

The key is understanding your prospects.

  • What they want to buy
  • When they want to buy it
  • What they need to hear to make the decision to buy
  • Who they want to buy from
  • What will make them rush to buy now

With that information and a good offer, you can practically cast a spell over the right prospects.

The idea is simple.

  • Suck the reader in, make them forget everything going on around them.
  • Give the readers the only thoughts they will have about the offer.
  • Answer all their concerns before they can even think of them.

We want the true prospects to feel like there is no place they can stop reading without missing some vital piece of information which could make their lives better.

And we don’t want the spell to be broken until after they buy.

I Use A Special Formula To Accomplish All Those Goals...

  • It makes them want to read or listen to your copy
  • It makes your messages so crystal clear anyone who can read it will understand it.
  • It injects hidden psychology into your copy which keeps the prospect reading and fuels their desire to buy.
  • It gives the reader the feeling they will miss out big if they stop reading (and these techniques go way beyond using simple cliffhangers).
  • It controls and guides every thought they have about your offer.

I Can Help You:

  • Get Better Response From Your Ads
  • Get Better Response From Your Email Marketing
  • Get Higher Performing Sales Pages

I Specialize In These Services:

- Sales Letters
- Video Sales Letters (VSL)
- Facebook Ad Campaigns
- 30-60 Second Video Ads
- Landing Pages/Sales Funnels
- SEO website copywriting (to get ranked on Google for your main keywords)
- Lead Magnet Offers
- Email Promotions
- Email Selling Sequences
- Email Engagement Sequences
- Email Newsletters
- Advertorial/Native Ads

Do you want better results from your advertising?

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"Jon is the real deal, a solid copywriter and online marketer. I hired Jon to help me build and market a martial arts niche site… Jon is a hard worker who gets the job done."
Jon Belt
St Louis, MO


"Great Job!! Jon gets me fantastic targeted traffic to my websites in the travel niche. They make the Youtube videos, content on the blog and on my Facebook. Great work!. "
Lillian Aruze
Tampa, FL


5 out of 5 stars
(Offsite Review)
Jon has been key in helping me build my entertainment agency and drum lesson website. Jon came up with a great marketing plan and now I'm fully booked… We're working on launching a whole new drum training program… I couldn't be happier with it. If you're looking for someone to work with on your digital marketing/sales, Jon Brickley is your man! Jon and I have worked on a couple projects and he doesn't miss a thing. He is always tweaking things on his own… he's not happy unless you're happy… he always goes the extra mile.
Seth Burkhart
Pawtucket, RI


"Jon, the workshop was brilliant. You've given me so many good ideas! You're a very good teacher and fun to listen to."
Cristobal Estes


"Three and half years I struggled marketing my success coaching business......But since I've linked up with you, I've learned a WHOLE LOT about Internet marketing... and most importantly how to make SALES in my business."
Richard Price
Toronto, ON


"Jon, you offer a tremendous service. Easily one of the best values on the net."
Josh Bard
San Diego, CA

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