I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about how you need to have a sales funnel if you want to make it online.

And all these marketers ‘crushing it’ with their fancy funnels

And telling you all about how you have to do this and that…

Most of it is BS – here’s why…

I WASTED YEARS – literally – NOT building a list because everyone said I had to have a fancy funnel set up first.

And sales funnels are great (and necessary) — BUT, since funnels are the hot topic, marketers are trying to sell you on all these complicated funnel concepts. But here’s the deal — If you are just starting out, DON’T EVEN TRY and set up a funnel with ‘One Time Offers’ and upsells and all that jazz.


Because you will spend so much time trying to put it together, you’ll never even get started.

That’s what I went through, and it was like shooting myself in the foot over and over again

I’m just trying to save you LOTS of wasted effort and heartache.


Nobody’s going to tell you this, because then they can’t sell you their wiz-bang system or software or whatever.

And if you want a big elaborate funnel set up – and you don’t have your own products created, then hire a guy like me to set it up for you.

Otherwise, here’s a big secret.

You don’t need a big, complicated funnel. There’s a nice, simple 3 step way to just get started off…

Build list, send emails and make sales.
Don’t worry if you don’t have a ‘front end’ product. Or an ‘OTO’ or any of that stuff.

I can tell you an easy way around that. But here’s another huge secret it took me a VERY LONG TIME to figure out (even when I WAS finally earning)

The standard IM funnel we all know is designed for AFFILIATE traffic… You know, the Squeeze Page > OTO >Upsell/Downsell funnel scheme…

Yeah, that’s actually designed for REFERRAL traffic like when affiliates send you an email with a link to a WSO or whatever.

There’s already some trust/credibility when the offer is recommended in an email you get from someone you already know, so you are a warmed up visitor.

Most people starting out don’t have affiliates mailing for them – do you? I never really have either to be honest.

So we are sending COLD traffic to a squeeze page. And it’s pretty easy to get opt-ins.

But visitors who don’t already know, like and trust you are not going to buy anything from you right away.

Not in this day and age.

It’s not worth wasting time trying to set up an elaborate funnel when you are just trying to establish yourself.

It’s only going to hurt you.

Build list, send emails and make sales.

So simple.

EVERYONE has a tough time figuring out how to just get rolling – you actually need a mentor

Or else you’re going to spend tons of money and waste tons of time trying to piece it all together.

I can show you how to get going right away without it being a big expensive, frustrating mess

Everybody is different and has a different situation

I GUARANTEE you there is something I can show you or just do for you that will lead to making you sales.

I’ve helped a lot of people and you get all of me, all my heart and soul to help you succeed.

IT COSTS NOTHING to contact me and find out if I can help.